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"I Can't Believe This"

Carols newest book, I Can’t Believe This! has twenty-five new and twenty-five of her classic short stories and essays. Both sections will have us laughing out loud as she exposes, celebrates, and questions the idiotic and bumbling masses here on Earth. She shares her delightful, lighthearted accountings and excessive shenanigans on the new green lawn, driving, medical maladies, relatives, food we eat, fur activists, and fake meat, to name a few, each of which test and strain even the hardiest of mortals.

This is a treasure of a book that will have us laughing at our self and those around us as Carol chronicles life in fun truth telling on cheating, talking, and the laundry. She asks how luggage became a fashion accessory, what happened to common sense, and discusses the agony of finding a good lift. Asking quite seriously, are Alien visitors picking up souvenirs, which may account for why we can never seem to find our lost items mentioning Alien visitors several times throughout the book. 

This is a charming read to keep or pass on to anyone needing a good laugh at themselves and the world.  Its breezy, carefree, and funny; and a lot more truthful than we may want to admit. The reader will never find foul language in Carol stories as she exposes the oddities of our behavior.

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"That Can't Be Right!"

     Filled with insights that resonate with each of us Carol has given us a chance to laugh again in her fifth collection of humorous short stories. She dishes on driving with children, reading glasses, mothers, and worry to the point we learn what is really going on with our hit or miss conduct. She recounts with clarity and experience nearly everything about working and not working, frustrations encountered on America’s roadways, vacations, and restaurant failures; each provide a rundown on our haphazard life and the people charging through it.


    With a savvy take on dumb people, winning, shopping, and bemoaning everyday ups and downs, including things forgotten, elevators, and light bulbs, she outlines the chaos in our confusing world. Most based on actual events; some slightly adjusted; or embellished. Carol offers entertaining, sassy messages, shortened versions for our predicaments as homeowners and a recap on the behavior of the quirky, bewildered, and uninformed.

Truthful accounts one might accept as a diversion from reality and boredom, musings we can nod at in agreement, or nod off.

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"Does This Sound Unusual?"

    Carol speaks frankly with her signature voice about her likes and dislikes, the shenanigans committed by humans, and the peculiarities that plague our everyday life. She shares thoughts on surveys, wastefulness, and memories of what has been lost to progress. Piddling is a great virtue and food is our salvation, especially cornbread, avocados and tomatoes, she explains, then asks where have our picnics gone. Other questions she wonders out loud about also enlighten us with a few answers as to why is there so much cheating and incompetence from so many taking place daily?

    She reveals pleasures and woes we have been curious about for decades, agree with her there really is too much information, too many people wandering aimlessly about, and trying to figure out why people are so wasteful? She calls the masses losers, including herself, because most of us appear lost half the time, plus, we are always losing something or other nearly every day of our life! She speaks in an insightful, comical voice on odd medical cures and oddities happening to our bodies, then stirs our heart as she reveals lifelong dealings with her mother’s lacking driving skills.

   To top off her unusual sounding observations Carol gives us an inside look at a poignant memory from her past, revealing what it’s like to take part in a face to face conversation with the Queen of England during a garden party at Buckingham Palace. Enjoy this amusing sharing of experiences and frustrations of life, a legitimate truth-telling read.

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"You're Kidding?"

    In this commonsensical, crabby complaining grouping of stories and questions Carol reveals her perception of liars, the obnoxious, absent minded, and everyday failings; as well as a few confessions to raise an eyebrow. She gives us a peek at incompetence, revelations, and the irritating world, moving us to ask; Are you kidding? Her explanations on society’s annoying and strange outlook to shopping, lifestyle, wrinkles, food, and phobias will surely rekindle curiosity for the imperfect world around us, giving us answers we have been seeking.


    Her sense of humor and wide-ranging accounts on living will delight those of all ages without ever resorting to foul words to describe the befuddling acts committed by the human race. Carol includes a personal memory, a keepsake of time passed that was full of sunshine and laughter, now lost, faded into the archives of a spinning world.

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"What Happened?"

    Finally, Carol Cook gives an insight to what happened. Questions how we got to this point and ponders how to survive now that we’re here. She bemoans life in general, coming of age, and the mysteries of forgetting and wanting to forget, all laid out in a hilarious grouping of stories to keep us asking what really did happen. Confessions and facts will enlighten us with comical summarization on life and how we can cope with the confounded hand life deals us.

     Witty, wise, and common-sense outlines of life are in this small fun book, here for us to enjoy and pass on to family and friends. She includes much needed and important information, issues, illusions on marriage, the workplace, and frightening truths that have befuddled millions for years. Carol lets us know she is worried about cowboy boots, dust bunnies, and boarding an airplane, along with these reckless questions; Why is there so much noise everywhere and what happened to country music?


     She writes from facts around her, some possibly embellished, convincing us that yoga, cussing, or crying simply doesn’t fix a thing! The right relationships aren’t always right, and for reasons still not clear, odd people turn up in our life creating confusion and turmoil at every corner because wacky people are everywhere. Find a vivid accounting of what it’s really like lounging in a recliner, why napping is important, and love and the decline of mind and body take the same toll on us. Housework woes, memory loss, and the suffering brought on by glitter-phobia is divulged here in fun, light-hearted small talk.

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